b10v Driving Principles

b10v operates with three core principles:

1. We remain laser focused on the identity management and cybersecurity market
2. We are able to be involved either at start-up phase or during the need for a significant company pivot
3. We are able to add value via an immersive venture build process.


b10v delivers a proven track record of 10+ fold increase in the equity value for targeted acquisitions.  We believe our focus on markets we know so well, and our ability to be much more to our portfolio companies than just a board seat, set us apart from other venture build investors.


Paul Tourret & Steve Waite, founders of Base 10 Ventures, used these guiding principles to co-found GMO GlobalSign and grow the company from a small Belgian based Certificate Authority into a world class identity services provider trusted by some of the largest companies in the world.

What we look for

We are a technology focused investor based in London and Boston.  Our speciality is to support entrepreneurs as they grow their ideas into businesses, and grow their businesses into world class companies.  We are hyper focused on opportunities in the field of identity management and cybersecurity.  It’s our background, it’s what we know best, and we believe it’s where lies the greatest opportunity to enable digital business and to bring about a more relevant internet.

Why Identity

We believe that solving the online identity management problem is the key to making the Internet reach its full potential.   Our team has been at the centre of identity technology since the early days of the commercial Internet.  Between us we’ve seen mass adoption of encryption, digital signatures and Identity & Access Management technologies, however we still face unprecedented levels of identity theft, fraud and data breaches. We believe that solutions to these issues will only arise through new innovations in identity management that increase user security and privacy, but also provide a consistent user experience across all services and all devices.

How we engage

We want to build deep relationships with founders and their teams, and we provide support at every stage of the company’s growth.  Our team has strong operational backgrounds and we like to employ venture build principles by working directly with our portfolio companies, providing help where needed for product development, go-to-market, scaling, growth and M&A strategies.