Ubisecure’s typical Customer IAM use case

Ubisecure’s typical Customer IAM use case

Does this sound familiar?

Last time I wrote about my experiences when I started at Ubisecure. After that, I have spent my time learning what is it that we actually do. Now I would like to share it with you.

Like other companies, we also have our typical customer cases. We serve many types of companies but I could say that mid-sized organizations are quite typical customers for us. Those companies may have one or several e-services that they provide to their customers, or are planning to deploy a new web portal. They have customers who use these e-services. There can be one or several e-services and customers are used to having different accounts and passwords to them. This is their environment and their world of doing business.

And then they forget their password. Or account. And which account or password goes where? Where’s the Post-It where all of the passwords are written? What’s the number to the customer service? How do they get from the other system to another? Usually the answer is you can’t or you need a new password or even new account. Their world is quite complex place.

This is usually where we step in.

The need of having e-services where you need only one identity is already there. The actual Holy Grail is CIAM – Customer Identity and Access Management. On top of the fact that your customers save their memory with a single authentication method coupled with Single Sign-On, you as a service provider get much more benefits from this.

Improved user experience may not be in all cases the deciding vote but it definitely is a huge bonus. In addition to the fact that your customers can use a single identity, you can also provide self-service user management to them. It means that they can be in charge of their own accounts. You can also ensure that the users that you have, are properly authorized and they have the right access in the right places at the right time. And if you are worried about the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation, fear not as we got you covered.

For most companies it’s a pretty important thing to know who your customers are (KYC – Know Your Customer). The more information is available, the better they can serve them. The value in having one account is having all the information about the customer behind that one account.  This is due to the fact that the information isn’t spread around in multiple accounts, identity repositories and systems. It will definitely help you to comply to e.g. GDPR. Sounds nice?

As seen there are many nice benefits. You could argue that you can code all of this yourself. But will you? It will take time, money and resources, and you may end up having even a more complex outcome. You could instead trust us and in our specialized know-how in this field.

If this sounds like your company, Contact Us or read more about our customer cases here.