What is Ubisecure Identity Cloud?

What is Ubisecure Identity Cloud?

What is Ubisecure Identity Cloud?

Ubisecure’s Identity and Access Management platform provides a powerful and flexible user management data model, enabling delegation of access rights across organization boundaries. This capability supports digitalization initiatives around Industrial IoT and omnichannel commerce. The platform also provides a broad range of authenticators from social login to two-factor authentication for balancing between identity confidence and user convenience.

Ubisecure Identity Cloud is a managed IAM-service providing KuppingerCole award winning Ubisecure Identity Server as a hosted solution. The cloud service is aimed to service providers whose services are used by their customers and partner identities.

Identity Cloud Service Components

The service has been built from the beginning with security and privacy in mind in order to protect confidential personal identity information. The base service includes features such as:

  • Tiered delegated user management using service contracts for B2B and B2C use cases
  • Extensive Web SSO protocol support (SAML 2.0, WS-Federation, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect and GSMA Mobile Connect) for integrating your e-services for up to date identity information
  • High availability configuration and load balancers
  • Cloud user database
  • System monitoring
  • Secure backups
  • Security hardening
  • Service development such as Ubisecure Identity Server software and OS upgrades
  • Integration support to 3rd party reporting and analytics solutions

Ubisecure Identity Cloud supports redundant deployment and fail-over situations are taken into account.

How to start using the service

With the Ubisecure Identity Cloud you can quickly verify or pilot how identity and access management solutions can streamline your operations and grow your business without massive up-front investments.

For Proof of Concepts, the IAM service can be rapidly deployed to *.customer.onubisecure.com domain by default. Typical tasks after the service has been activated for the customer is to

  1. Integrate the e-service such as Sharepoint or Liferay portal using the application management UI or APIs
  2. Define authorization policies for accessing target resources such as Sharepoint sites. To assist you in this you can use the pre-defined service role templates to model the provided services
  3. Delegate the user and access right management to your customer organizations by using Service Contracts
  4. Invite your customer users to use the e-service either by manual e-mail based registration invites or automate the invitation based on the account information in your CRM systems.

Once moving towards production and scaling the solution, you can either use the existing environment and application, CRM and other backend integrations or launch a new Identity Cloud instance using your own domain name.


Ubisecure Identity Cloud installations are deployed geographically close to your users and are managed by an ISO 27001 certified management system.

Instead of spending months building an identity and access management solution with a collection of libraries and developing your own custom code – why not deploy an identity and access management solution that can be up & running in a very short time?

If your organisation would like to implement one of the most advanced Customer IAM solutions on the market, Contact Ubisecure now to find out more.