UbiKlubi Winter 2017

UbiKlubi Winter 2017

Last Thursday Ubisecure arranged its bi-annual cozy customer event, UbiKlubi (Ubisecure customer club). UbiKlubi provides a venue for our customers to hear from our other customers how they have used the Ubisecure Customer IAM solution in developing their customer-facing e-services. It also provides a great networking opportunity to start build those trusted business networks between organisations. This time however we concentrated on a very topical agenda – the new General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The event theme was the upcoming GDPR regulation which provides harmonization of the data protection regulation throughout the EU and affects all service providers which process personal data of EU residents. GDPR will come into effect on May 25th 2018.

Ubisecure’s new CEO, Simon Wood, started the event by introducing the new partner program providing richer support to our system integrator partners as a key initiative for Ubisecure’s growth globally.

Kira Ahveninen-Kuha from Nixu gave a GDPR presentation covering topics ranging from ensuring Privacy by Design approach when planning and implementing new business models, Privacy Impact Assessment as a process of identifying and minimizing the privacy risks of new services and having a clear and active user consent for data processing purposes.

Based on the questions raised from the audience during the GDPR presentation and when reviewing Ubisecure Identity Platform capabilities for GDPR compliance, the event was a great success. GDPR related discussion is typically focused on the financial risks of not being compliant to the regulation. It was great to see discussion around the additional benefit for the organization to streamline business processes and improve customer experience when having a centralized customer identity management service as the end result of GDPR compliancy.

One of the outputs from the discussions was that service providers should start to evaluate the authentication capabilities of external identity providers. Mobile operators with the GSMA Mobile Connect can enable the outsourcing of the end user identity management, thus minimizing the need to manage personally identifiable information (PII). Ubisecure is actively working with mobile operators globally to provide these trusted digital identities to the market. Expect to hear more about this on our upcoming blogs.

The next UbiKlubi event will be held in August 23rd in Helsinki, Finland. If you want hear more about our solutions for GDPR compliancy or Mobile Connect, please Contact Us.