UbiKlubi Summer 2017

UbiKlubi Summer 2017

Last week all of Ubisecure was buzzing with enthusiastic atmosphere as we made last preparations for our UbiKlubi Summer 2017 customer event. UbiKlubi is our bi-annual event for our customers and its purpose is to serve as a platform for them to meet and greet and to enjoy customer presentations on how Ubisecure customers have deployed our Identity Server within their organisation and why. And in this case, chance to enjoy beautiful scenery and the wonderful feeling of sailing.

Two fantastic customer presentations

(In the picture: Ville Mäenpää from Helen on the left and Erno Björs from S-Group on the right)

For this event, we had two great customer presentations. The first one was held by Erno Björs from S-Group. S-Group is a retail chain operating in Scandinavia, Russia, and the Baltics and it has more than 1,600 outlets in Finland. Our second speaker was Ville Mäenpää from Helen. Helen is an energy company with almost 400,000 customers throughout Finland and their district heat covers over 90% of Helsinki’s heating needs. In both presentations we learned how digitalisation has affected these companies, what were the incentives behind their customer IAM projects and what were the end results. Both presentations were intriguing and we want to thank both Erno and Ville for taking the time to share their thoughts and experiences.

Sailing through Kruunuvuorenselkä


After the presentations, we got to enjoy yawl Ingeborg and the fregatti’s most delicious creamy salmon soup. Then we heard the eventful history of the yawl Ingeborg from 1947 to date, set sails and sailed through Kruunuvuorenselkä, east from Helsinki. Against the odds, the weather was fine for sailing. The few clouds on the horizon didn’t affect the interesting conversations that took place on the deck as we sailed. If you want to see the route that we sailed, you can take a look here.



We at Ubisecure want to thank everybody who attended UbiKlubi Summer 2017 and hope that we will see many of our customers at our next event. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information about our activities.


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