Ubisecure Inc

Identity Management company specializing in large scale Customer IAM projects and solutions to empower service providers to use verified or mobile identities to improve customer engagement

About This Project

The Ubisecure Identity Platform is a proven middleware based Customer IAM technology with CRM integration that has been designed specifically for b2b and b2c customer identity management use cases.  The solution has many high scale private and public sector proof points and references.  The Ubisecure team has unparalleled experience (150+ man years) in shaping the standards of the EU identity ecosystem and brings time honed knowledge on how to implement and manage customer identity management effectively.  Customer IAM provides companies with an ability to significantly positively impact the user experience and operational efficiency as well as comply with new regulations around identity data security, privacy and consent.


Problem Description

Businesses today have many digital services. These services require customers to register and subsequently authenticate themselves at login and engagement.  They must securely manage the authentication process and the customer’s identity data, connect customers to both internal and third-party applications, and scale across multiple customers. The business will then want to build a rich picture of the customer profile, and synchronise with their CRM and other marketing tools.  If implemented badly, the user experience will be poor, the impact to the operations significant, and the cost of an identity data breach extreme.


On the flip side, customers today have many digital identities such as social, verified like banking and mobile, employer and professional, and federated networks like eIDs.  They exist in different domains for different purposes.  Yet companies expect customers to create new identities when using digital services.  The experience is horrible for customers and inefficient and risky (due to privacy regulation like GDPR) for companies.  Organisations struggle to connect (or broker) these identities, the domains they operate in, or their purpose.  Customers want to bring existing identities with them to the next digital service they use without creating new ones.


These issues present challenges that are beyond the scope of legacy identity management solutions, preventing companies from gaining the user experience, operational efficiency, marketing or security benefits that effective identity & access management (IAM) can give.


Solutions Overview

The answer to the digital identity management problem lies in using a special subset of IAM called Customer IAM (CIAM).  CIAM allows companies to empower their customers and enables companies to provide a much better customer experience.  CIAM is not the same as Enterprise IAM.  Enterprise IAM will not meet either the user expectation (you can’t train customers like employees) or the regulation (like GDPR) requirements.


Ubisecure was one of the first technology providers to deploy CIAM and now offers a functionality comprehensive solution that serves organisations of all sizes well.  Uniquely, Ubisecure’s Identity Platform supports sophisticated identity brokering, allowing companies who maintain or layer their customer’s identity (banks, mobile network operators) to become identity providers by enabling the identity to be used for registration, login, engagement for 3rd party digital services.  At the simplest level this offers ‘bring your own ID’ for SSO, but at higher levels creates entire identity ecosystems connecting identity providers, consumers and service providers.


Competitive Landscape

IAM companies specialise in either Enterprise IAM or Customer IAM.  Geographically almost all IAM providers are US based.  This is especially important in terms of perception to the EU market and data protection regulation.


Major IAM players like Okta are taking a defensive stance on CIAM – their public comments confirm that they don’t fully appreciate the architectural and regulatory differences between CIAM and IAM, and the more nuanced EU market.


The EU market is poised to respond to an EU based CIAM provider that focuses on efficient identity management, regulatory compliance and can help take advantage of the many types of digital identities (and their attributes) that already exist.


Market Dynamics

The overall IAM market is expected to be worth $18b by 2019 (Markets and Markets).  CIAM is a rapidly growing piece of that market with 30% CAGR (Salesforce state of Marketing Report).  The CIAM market and use-cases are now well defined, with Gartner and other major analyst houses highlighting CIAM as a core business asset.  High performing companies are 4x more likely to use CIAM technology than lower performing companies (Salesforce state of Marketing Report).  Privacy regulation like GDPR is driving the need for companies to manage identity data securely, and provide consent management over PII.