About This Project

Verified company identities need to be at the center of every financial and business transaction.  Likewise, the ability to easily validate a user’s business identity over their social identity will be key to a secure, private and consistent online experience when utilising our rich professional identities.  Currently, neither of these requirements are adequately met.  This is where RapidLEI, a business unit of Ubisecure, can help.


The RapidLEI platform has been designed to register LEIs faster and make managing LEIs easier. Its algorithms, automation and integration with the local business registries around the world do the heavy lifting. This approach provides unparalleled issuance speed and improved data accuracy.


RapidLEI delivers highly cost effective LEIs quickly, around the globe and at massive scale. With barriers removed to obtain LEIs, we drive closer to the goal of the LEI being the “one organisation identity” benefiting a wide range of applications and services across all technology and financial sectors.



Use Case Overview

Over 116 global regulations require the use of LEIs. Organisations of all sizes use RapidLEI to quickly and easily register and renew their group LEIs.


RapidLEI is integrated with Banks (BFSI), Certificate Authorities & FinTech providers, and we see new LEI use cases emerge daily. The use of legal identifiers now extend way beyond regulatory compliance to customer onboarding and real-time KYC (Know your Customer) for both individual and organisation identity classes.




  • RapidLEI is fastest growing GLEIF accredited LEI Issuer since launching in 2018, and now the #1 global LEI issuer. Hundreds of thousands of organisations have chosen RapidLEI.
  • The only accredited LOU to offer an LEI API for lifecycle management and same-session LEI registration for KYC and onboarding.
  • Partner-first approach with the widest reaching local Registration Agent network in the global LEI system.
  • Creators of the LEI Marketplace. Showcases integrations into KYC, eSigning and Representation Governance solutions.


Investment details

LEI issuer brand operating under Ubisecure

b10v engagement

start-up funding, R&D, platform development, business development