About This Project

Verified company identities need to be at the center of every financial and business transaction.  Likewise, the ability to easily validate a user’s business identity over their social identity will be key to a secure, private and consistent online experience when utilising our rich professional identities.  Currently, neither of these requirements are adequately met.  This is where RapidLEI can help. Obtaining a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is essential for most businesses transacting online. RapidLEI automates the LEI process and issues LEIs without any of the usual hassle.


The Ubisecure management team have decades of experience building identity services in particular within the Certification Authority (SSL/TLS) industry. This yields a best of breed, flexible, yet accurate and above all “Rapid” approach to the LEI issuance experience. With executive and operational experience at leading Certification Authorities such as GeoTrustComodo & GlobalSign the team has applied the “disruptive” automation concepts that resulted in the successful mass adoption of SSL website security by millions of websites around the world.


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