“I’d like to thank the passwords for moving aside for Mobile Connect…”

“I’d like to thank the passwords for moving aside for Mobile Connect…”

Last week in a joint press release, Enstream, MePIN and Ubisecure announced that the GSMA Global Mobile Awards (the Glomos) had recognized our collaborative efforts to deploy a widespread pilot for Mobile Connect Canada.  This is big news for a few reasons:


  1. Mobile Connect has been recognized as a really useful technology
    We’ve talked about the benefits of Mobile Connect since its early days.  What’s exciting about this year’s Glomo awards is the industry recognizes that Mobile Connect is evolving how we use our mobile devices to enrich online experiences.  Both the Telcos and Service Providers (the online store or utility company for example) have a lot to gain by giving customers the ability to use their device and their mobile identity to streamline how they use online services.  At its very core it makes for a more convenient, secure and private way to register, login and self-manage our online accounts.


  1. Country-wide deployments need collaborative efforts, not point products
    Canada has over 35m people.  Building a solution that can support the deployment and use of Mobile Connect mobile device users across Canada, even in pilot phase, requires collaboration from all players in the ecosystem.  It’s a credit to everyone involved that this level of deep collaboration has been recognized – from the vision and execution of Enstream (a joint venture between Bell, Rogers and TELUS), to the integral identity gateway technology from Ubisecure and MePIN’s brandable app authenticator and PKI services.


  1. Telcos are putting user experience at the center of their business initiatives
    As a Customer IAM specialist of over 10 years, Ubisecure has promoted that identity is at the center of the online experience and customer journeys, so in Mobile Connect it’s very exciting to see a use case that puts that philosophy firmly into practice.  If a mobile device using Mobile Connect has the potential to improve our online user experience, security and privacy, then Telcos are the key enabling this technology evolution.  It’s inspiring to see that many Telcos around the world are recognizing this fact and moving forward with numerous Mobile Connect pilots and deployments.


Ubisecure will be at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 27 Feb – 2 March 2017 where we hope to be able to celebrate with Enstream and MePIN if and when we win the award.  But to be fair, we’ll be celebrating the project merits regardless.  We’d love to chat about your own Mobile Connect initiatives, whether you’re a Telco or a Service Provider, so please drop a line to Petteri Ihalainen or Keith Uber to set up an appointment or demo.


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