Major technical architecture update

Major technical architecture update

Technology changes. It develops. It becomes faster. It becomes easier. It scales better. Just like our upgraded identity and authorization management part of our Identity Platform.

Our development team has put a tremendous effort in updating the underlying architecture of our award winning customer identity and access management part and now the new release is out.

Everything becomes connected. You can already talk to your fridge, ask the Amazon box to buy stuff for you, pre-heat your car using your mobile app – this is very relevant for us living in a country with 2 days of summer and 363 days of winter. In the business world, ecosystems are forming and traditional company borders fade. In the heart of all these changes are a few things; Identity, relationships and scale.

With the new architecture in place we’re better equipped to take on the demands this interconnected world exposes. Devices have owners, users and e.g. operators. There’s a mix of identities and relationships. Businesses need solutions for building business networks, allowing their customers and partners to Single Sign-On to their services. Consumers demand easier, more secure and privacy protecting way of conducting business online. Governments can reap huge benefits by digitizing their services and digital identity is a crucial part of it.

Identity and managing the complex relationships between user identities, businesses, devices and government becomes more and more important. The number of identities and relationships is exploding and scalable tools to manage this environment are needed. Incumbent Identity and Access Management solutions are not cut out for this. Enterprise Identity and Access Management solutions are built to answer a different set of requirements compared to the heterogenous and ever-changing environment of customers, partners, devices etc. With our new architecture in place we keep our technology base fresh and ready to meet the demands of our global customer base.

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